Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Things apparently only I wonder about.

I was out shopping with my roommate this weekend, as we had some coupons set to expire soon. As we were leaving a store, I asked her the following: "Do you ever wonder how often conservative Christians get disappointed that a thunder storm is just a thunder storm, and not the second coming of Jesus?"

Surprisingly, this is not something she has ever wondered.


Temaskian said...

My thoughts tend to become morbid in a thunderstorm, especially when I was a Christian.

Nowadays, I remind myself that it's just a natural occurrence.

Be calm, my fearful, superstitious heart.

Lorena said...

I was a fundy of fundies. But I was never happy for a disaster.

I never acknowledged my feeling about disasters, but I think I saw them as painful yet necessary situations to bring about greater good.

I was never disappointed that Jesus didn't come during a thunder storm. I suppose the reason was that one never feels quite ready to meet one's maker. There is always that little bit of fear that we will be found at fault.

Temaskian said...

"There is always that little bit of fear that we will be found at fault."

For that reason, bedtime was my favorite time for confessing sins. Think about it, it's the best time to hedge your bets, for once you fall asleep, you will not be committing any more sins. So if Jesus comes in the middle of the proverbial night, you're saved!

societyvs said...

I don't know why this seems funny to me - but it does! I have never wondered this in a thunderstorm myself for some reason...do they teach this in churches or something?

Either way it's a funny tidbit!

OneSmallStep said...


**I was never disappointed that Jesus didn't come during a thunder storm.**

I've seen a lot of Christians and Christian sites/literature that really glorify the second coming, and wish it would happen tomorrow. But I wonder how many of them secretly felt what you felt? Regardless of what fundamentalist might promise in terms of forgiveness, it would be constantly pressed upon you just how much you disappointed God on a frequent basis, and just how much you weren't good enough.

OneSmallStep said...


I have no idea what is taught about weather pattens in terms of the second coming. But given that it won't be a good time for all the unsaved (which would be the majority) and that it's basically God destroying the Earth, I figured it wouldn't occur on a sunny, cloudless day with perfect temperature. :)

Lorena said...

What they teach?

Guess anything and it will be true. Thousands of denominations thousands of teachings.

Interestingly, though, mainstream churches have stopped talking about the second coming. The only ones that keep it on the foreground are fundy Pentecostals, the screaming ones who never worry about making sense.