Sunday, January 15, 2012

For once, a non-religious post.

The "perils" of being newly married, and in a new job (both which are very good things), means that one has a lot less time to read and analyze religious topics.

Ergo, randomness:

1) I must go on travel next week to Canada. I was volunteered for this by revealing that I hadn't certain knowledge that would assist our sister company in London. I don't to go. I'll be gone four days, and be away from husband/family/friends/dog. And the most superficially annoying thing about this is that I've been trying very hard to not eat junk/bread/pasta/potatoes/dairy (and getting rid of junk would be much easier if Kroger's didn't have Cadburry Eggs out THREE MONTHS PRIOR TO EASTER). I've incorporated a lot more greens in my diet. Being in London is going to make both goals more difficult, because I highly doubt the hotel's complimentary breakfast is going to include a smoothie with spinach/kale/chard/orange mango juice/coconut-based ice cream.

2) My husband and I started watching "Modern Family." Funny and enjoyable.

3) I still feel like I'm a high-schooler pretending to be a grown-up anytime I say "my husband." And I'm 30 years old.

4) I recently read a book called "The Gift of Fear." One of the points it mentioned is how conditioned women are to be polite and accommodating, and not make a scene. And how simply being strong and standing up for oneself -- normal male behavior -- can so quickly get a woman labeled a "bitch." And it's sobering to see how much that conditioning is applied in my own life.

5) Lots of women have a a biological clock. I don't want children, and I never have. I do, however, have a canine biological clock, and want another dog yesterday.