Sunday, January 25, 2009

An Uber-Literal moment.

I was reading a book that had some paragraphs discussing marriage in this life, and how it carries over into the resurrected life. The argument was that there would be no married people when the Christians are resurrected, and pulled from the example of Jesus saying that the woman who had the seven husbands would not be the wife of any of them in the life to come, for people are neither married nor given in marriage.

Then it made the mention that above all else, a Christian husband and a Christian wife are a brother and sister in Christ. Which, if I take to the literal extreme ... means that a brother and a sister have married.

It was a rather odd moment for me.


steve martin said...

Ineresting to contemplate.

Whatever it is...we're going to like it!

DagoodS said...

It is amusing the author of Mark (in his/her usual style) takes a story from Tobit, uses it to demonstrate an honor confrontation with Jesus, and 2000 years later Christians are left justifying why there is no marriage in heaven.

More amusing is the description of heaven being the “perfect” First Century City (indestructible streets, walls, unnecessary yet ornate gates, light). Things we now realize are unnecessary. (Fluorescent lighting, anyone?) Who would build a walled city now? If the New Testament were written today, there would be visions of Wi-Fi, Starbucks everywhere, Video games, and libraries for all.

Would we like a heaven? Who knows? I like being married, frankly. I like sex. Are one (or both) of those non-existent? Or will it be free-for-all sex? Will there be chocolate? Will there be sex involving chocolate? Will there be marriage with chocolate?

Since we don’t have a clue, making a pre-judgment we will like it (or not) seems premature. (Unless we don’t have a choice and do you REALLY want me to open up the whole “lack of free will in heaven” thing? I think not.)

Pastor Bob said...

Isn't it interesting how the readers of the Bible take this particular statement out of context so often? The subject really was is there such a thing as resurrection. The Sadducees argued no by their questions about the poor woman who had to marry so many brothers. Jesus' response was about resurrection although he did it in a way that intrigues us all.

Pastor Bob

OneSmallStep said...


I'm not sure the question "Will we like heaven" can ever be answered, even once in heaven. It would greatly depend on how "we" is defined. Part of who "we" are now is a sinner, and thus some of our enjoyments would stem from that sinful state. Yet in heaven, only perfection can exist, so the "we" who are in heaven is almost a new person altogether.

It's almost a ridiculous question because the person in heaven is nothing like the person who existed on Earth.

OneSmallStep said...

Pastor Bob,

In the greater context of the book I was reading, the author was attempting to explain that those in a single state would have a lot to teach those in a married state, because there is no marriage in heaven - based on her views.

Of course, what she was trying to explain was completely lost on me when she used the phrase "brother and sister in Christ," because then I had the uber-literal moment of "this means that family members marry other family members."